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Bloggers: Rethinking Social Media 4

As part of my MBA work I get to pick the brains of leaders in various fields, and I once asked an executive from Mercedes Benz what helped him manage strategy and change in his corporation so well.  He responded, “If you want to understand long term strategy, play the game Settlers of Catan.  If […]

“Pinterest Stress” and the lie of modern social media 8

I’ve never been into Pinterest.  A friend of mine asked me once if she could ‘pin’ a photo I took, and apparently it got repinned and hearted or something a few times.  I went to look at it, and lo and behold! my picture! Next to a bunch of other pictures!  Um…Okay!  I look at […]

US Shootings and the myth of the ‘crazed gunman’. 1

(Editor’s note:  If you want conspiracy, go here).   Since no actual changes will be made to gun control or regulation (thanks, NRA and the politicians currently taking your blood money!), I thought I’d address an issue with post-shooting armchair psychiatry.  It never fails, after a mass shooting in the US, someone says “If only […]

Post Tragedy, How To Avoid Online Scams 4

(Editor’s note:  If you want conspiracy, go here).   As the names of the children and staff of Sandy Hook are formally released to the public, social media will be flooded with memes of remembrance and tributes. While some of the people creating these images have only the best intentions, many more are spreading these viral […]

The science of getting over yourself

Over on LiveJournal (I know, I know, but I beta tested the original platform way back in the SixApart days, I have a soft spot for it), the crazy cat ladies are up in a tizzy over people putting ‘cuts’ (where you have a false link warning the reader that you are talking about houseplants, […]