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The NRA asks “Are the President’s kids more important than yours?”. The answer? Yes. 3

The NRA spent it’s members money creating a lovely pile of steaming hyperbole. See it for yourself:     Now, moving past the obviousness of the stupidity (the President’s kids go to a private school, where their tuition pays for whatever they want, the NRA wants to put random volunteers to roam the halls of America […]

US Shootings and the myth of the ‘crazed gunman’. 1

(Editor’s note:  If you want conspiracy, go here).   Since no actual changes will be made to gun control or regulation (thanks, NRA and the politicians currently taking your blood money!), I thought I’d address an issue with post-shooting armchair psychiatry.  It never fails, after a mass shooting in the US, someone says “If only […]

Post Tragedy, How To Avoid Online Scams 4

(Editor’s note:  If you want conspiracy, go here).   As the names of the children and staff of Sandy Hook are formally released to the public, social media will be flooded with memes of remembrance and tributes. While some of the people creating these images have only the best intentions, many more are spreading these viral […]

Newtown, Connecticut – Sandy Hook school shooting. Or, any other shooting. The next shooting. 1

(Editor’s note:  If you want conspiracy, go here).   STOP saying your heart breaks for the newest round of dead. STOP praying for the victims’ families. STOP saying you’re sick about the whole thing. PICK UP YOUR DAMN PHONE AND CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE. TELL THEM YOU WILL VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE IF THEY KEEP CHOOSING […]

Death by the numbers. 1

A man killed and wounded a bunch of people last night. He went into a movie theatre, threw a gas canister, and opened fire. The local police chief confirmed the suspect was wearing ballistic helmet, ballistic vest, ballistic leggings, throat protector, groin protector, black gloves.   He also confirmed the killer had a AR-15 assault rifle, […]