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Economist subscription offer, for UK students only (sorry!)

If you are like me, you are always looking for a deal, and here is one in abundance:  12 issues of The Economist for £1.00.


Yeah, a quid.


Oh, a quid an issue?


No, a total of a quid for 12 issues.


Yes, that is 98% off the cover price.


No, there isn’t any other need to purchase, just cancel when your 12 weeks are up.


And bonus?  This link actually helps my school, the Open University, as the Economist will kick back money to them towards their scholarship fund, which helps low-income students afford classes.  Win!

How to Market Santa. Or, the greatest piece of crap I have ever read.

I used to think that Christmas was too commercial.  The endless sales, the Hallmark movies, the apparent war on it although the one day now stretches to nearly a month and a half of candy cane induced mania…it was all a bit much.


And then I saw this.  And like Sam Neill’s character in ‘Event Horizon’, I don’t need to see anything else.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…


Santa – a marketing perspective


Monkey is seeing the new Bond film on Wednesday previews.  I need to prepare myself for inevitable Scottish accents imploring me for specifically made liquor for the rest of the week.  Also this week we’re taking receivership of the new WWE 13: Limited Mike Tyson Edition (Xbox 360) game for promotion and review – wish me luck that I can get my paper in while people are throwing virtual steel chairs at each other!

Baby is sick, but enjoying playing in new fort created by cardboard box from the new car seat.  Also, enjoys sitting in the old-and-clearly-too-small car seat.  Reminds me of Maru.

I’m at the British Library, next to the Kerouac  scrolls from the ‘On The Road’ exhibition.  The piece of pumpkin pie in the cafe glass is calling to me, though I know without a big dollop of Cool Whip, it’s just not dessert.

Working on three writing projects at the moment, with one due next Tuesday (should probably start it then!), one due April, and one due when I get around to it.

Looking forward to yummy mummy meetup in a few weeks, though gutted that Home Office will still have my passport when everyone swans off to Switzerland for Xmas time skiing.  I hate skiing of course, but I loves me some spa packages!

There has been a lot of reader mail lately, sorry I haven’t had time to reply either privately or via this site.  Patience is a virtue!

Oh, and vote this week!  I need to send the last of my paperwork off Monday so my home state gets it!