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The single, solitary reason I don’t believe in most government conspiracy theories.

Meet Stella Tremblay.

Stella is a GOP member of the  New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Last week, Stella wrote this on Glenn Beck’s wall regarding the Boston bombers:

Just as you said would happen. Top Down, Bottom UP. The Boston Marathon was a Black Ops “terrorist” attack. One suspect killed, the other one will be too before they even have a chance to speak. Drones and now “terrorist” attacks by our own Government. Sad day, but a “wake up” to all of us. First there was a “suspect” then there wasnt. Infowars broke the story and they knew they had been “found out”.

When called out, the good House member replied:

 Holy COW!!! Because someone asks questions one is viciously attacked? What happened to discussion? Truly was it told: They hear with their ears, but are deaf, and they see with their eyes but they are blind. How can it be “delusional” for asking questions? There WERE military with black back packs on the last mile of the marathon. Some had detonators…is it not coincidental that they were stating there was a “drill” and not to be alarmed? Why are they seen quickly moving away from the area of the bomb just a minute before it went off? Why did Reporter King (a seasoned reporter with credible sources) announce that there was a “suspect in custody” and then hours later had to rescind the statement. Talk about credibility being shot! Why is it wrong to ask questions and demand answers? Our friends, neighbours, brothers and sisters were maimed and killed by terrorists carrying out “jihad”. They were innocent victims going about doing their daily routines. This is NOT right! We need to face facts and get answers. If you think I am delusional to ask these questions, so be it. If honest answers were given…I will be satisfied. Bengazi still has not had an investigation. When do we get answers to those questions?


Let’s ignore for one moment her response, especially the “I was just asking questions while simultaneously not asking one single question, and indeed making up shit” part.  Let’s ignore that she also once said that President Woodrow Wilson was a Nazi sympathizer (Wilson died just before the movement was born) and had VIDEO PROOF OMG YOU GUISE that President Obama admitted, on apparently a nationally broadcast town hall meeting, that he wasn’t from the US (this video, I died  watching this shit).   Let’s look at what just happened.


1.  Stella gets her ‘news’ from InfoWars, a tinfoil site run by Alex Jones.

2.  Stella does no independent verification of anything that Alex Jones’ group said in the video (if she did, she would know that Alex Jones has a lengthy history of being very very very wrong in his predictions concerning the US/world.  (very funny video).

3.  Stella then makes up a bunch of shit.

4.  Stella is then shocked (SHOCKED I SAY) when people refute her claims with both facts and logic.  Also, it’s “Benghazi”, Stella.  The GOP has been screaming about it so long while ignoring the 34 deaths in 9 embassy attacks under George W Bush, you’d think you’d be able to spell it by now.


This, right here, is why I have a hard time believing in vast government conspiracies.  Because this woman?  This friggin’ moron?  SHE’S IN GOVERNMENT.  And there are about a million people just like her in all levels of civil service.  (To be fair, there are morons working EVERYWHERE, but since we’re discussing govt. conspiracies, we’ll stick with just the morons who work there).  So, to believe that the GUB’MINT was in on this, you have to believe that at some point, a moron like her was involved, however obliquely, in the process.  And that’s where the theory begins to crumble.  See, about a decade and a half ago, an intern gave the President a hummer, and when just *one* friend of hers was told, the US went batshit for about 1.5 years.  So, if you think these folks were able to…

1. Train the brothers (Where? When? How did they get to and from training? Don’t conspiracy theorists ever ask actual questions?)

2. Set up the backbacks of explosives (ignore the fact that multiple photos show the brothers doing it so why would the ‘BlackOps’ guys need bags, especially when they supposedly trained the kids, just go with the idiocy)

3. Set up martial law AND THEN STOPPED THE MARTIAL LAW WHEN THE GUYS WERE CAUGHT (top tip – if you want to establish martial law, you don’t usually stop when the danger is passed, Boston should still be under martial law as we speak if the goal was governmental control)

4. Cover everything up

5.  Use this as the reason to control the US, when 20 times more people die per day to guns than in the bombing, and we can’t even get background checks passed

6. Had, in the exact same week, half a town in Texas EXPLODE off the face of the Earth, and not one peep about the background bullshit that went on prior, even though it killed 4 times as many as Boston.

…without some idiot like her bumbling into the planning, execution, or resolution process, you are deluded.


Look, I have no problem saying my home nation’s leadership has been less than stellar over the years.  Trail of Tears, the internment camps for Japanese-Americans, Governor Rhodes opening fire on kids at Kent State, but those atrocities have all been very out in the open.  And while some wacky stuff may be happening behind the scenes (seriously, guys, what’s up with Area 51?), I simply cannot credibly believe that in the newest digital age of video recorders fitting in buttons that no one has gotten clear, solid proof of a massive plot to destroy America from within.

Hell, you know what I call a massive conspiracy?  That the House of Representatives chose the week that we were all freaking out about Boston to quietly pass CISPA.  Now that’s a fucking conspiracy of douchecanoes to wait till our backs were turned to push through the same bill they tried to push last year.  Yet instead of deal with this very real and tangible threat to our online security, snake oil salesmen like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck scream about shadowy governmental overlords and ‘false flag’ ops.  And why?  As Glenn loves to say, ‘let’s follow the money…’


1.  Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, insert metallic haberdasher here all make their money from their shows and their endorsements.

2. Talking about really boring stuff like the newest bills going through the House and Senate are listener losers – they might as well be watching C-SPAN.

3.  They need to keep their listeners in a constant heightened state – scared listeners buy gold and antique tomato seeds (heads up folks, they’re just seeds – dry the seeds from any of your garden plants, it’s the same damn thing), bored listeners turn the channel.

4.  Out-crazy the next guy, it’s the only way to keep ratings.  Remember, Beck got his start as a wacky morning radio host, and Jones as a cable call-in show runner – they know that what’s needed to keep eyes on screen and ears on radio is SHOCK.

5.  Rake in sales, promotions tie-ins, advertising revenue for a tidy profit (Glenn Beck’s independently estimated net worth?  105 million.  That’s a pretty price for paranoia).

6.  That’s how you ‘follow the money’.


So, no Virginia, there is no Santa Claus.  And while there are a shit-ton of crappy things being done out there, not every one of them needs a New World Order level of batshittery applied to them.  It’s the old adage – when you hear hoofsteps, think horse, not zebra.  Occam’s razor tells us when the two kids on multiple media shots are seen putting down the black bags that blow up moments later, a good chance is that’s what fucking happened.


And New Hampshire, sort yourselves out up there, or we’re trading you with Austin before we cut the South loose.


Mitch McConnell filibusters his own bill in game of Chicken with Senate

A rather remarkable thing happened on the Senate floor yesterday.  Kentucky Senator and former Tootsie Pop spokesman Mitch McConnell came to the floor to ask for a vote on raising the debt ceiling.  This type of vote isn’t new – the federal debt limit has been raised 106 times since 1940, 18 times under Ronald Regan, and 7 times under George W Bush (source: White House Office of Budget and Management).  The fact that it needed to be raised isn’t very remarkable either, as the Senate has repeatedly proven.  It was even boring to see McConnell grandstanding and playing chicken with the debt ceiling for a political power play.    What was remarkable was how badly it blew up in his face.  You see, the Senate majority leader Harry Reid called him on his little game of chicken, and McConnell was forced to either filibuster against his own bill, or back down.  Here is the link to the video, or simply watch below:

Such a proud moment for America, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Now, I’m a bit of an oldie, and a political junkie, so I can remember when a filibuster meant something.  I remember when New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato filibustered for nearly a full day concerning a military bill in 1986.  And in the early 80’s, there was even a filibuster over the debt ceiling being raised, led by William Proxmire of Wisconsin.  Filibusters are a necessary part of the political process, and even when used for evil (such as Strom Thurmond filibustering against the Civil Rights Act of 1957), they still have place in the discourse of the Senate.

So why is this such a low point for Capitol Hill, and the GOP?  It all leads back, ironically, to McConnell and his now infamous quote in the National Journal on October 23, 2010 – “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” The GOP can no longer hide behind mercurial, abstract rules when they try to obstruct the President, and by extension, the nation.  McConnell’s massive mis-step yesterday proved that.  They either have to publicly embrace the fact that they attempted to play chicken with the United States of America, or change course and actually attempt to get something done.  Not only will McConnell’s blunder serve as fodder for the Left, it will also serve as the touchstone as why filibuster reform is so desperately needed.

Perhaps this is all a good thing.  There is the school of thought that states you can’t turn your life around till you’ve hit rock bottom.  Maybe this was the wake up call that the GOP desperately needed.  Somehow, though, I doubt McConnell will have a moment of clarity.  Ah well.  At least the American public will be reminded of this moment, over and over, in the run up to 2014.  Enjoy the mid-term elections, Mr. McConnell.



sad romney

Why You Lost


Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat, Republicans: You didn’t lose because people didn’t ‘wake up’ in time, or because Black Panthers carjacked all the little white nanas on the way to the polling place. The UN didn’t shut down stations in republican states, and HAARP didn’t make that gust of wind push a tree limb on just your car. ACORN didn’t replace your vote with a big piece of paper that just said “Obama” on it, and George Soros didn’t do a Jedi mind trick and make all red blooded Ammuuuuricans tick the D box when they meant the R. Don’t be one of those people who complain about bad referees when it’s obvious their team choked. You lost because, quite simply, your candidate was horrible.
This isn’t the end of the world (except for Ted Nugent and his ilk); you can actually get through this. All you need to do is keep some tips in mind for next time.

1. Turn off Fox News. I know it pains you to think of it, but all of media is not in a massive conspiracy, with your beacon of light, Fox News, cutting through the lies. Look at Murdoch’s other media empires – he’s an opportunist. He saw a need for fear-based ‘reporting’ in the US, and he went with it. The over-coiffed people on the couch feeding you a steady diet of misinformation and paranoia? Not helping you. Coulter and O’Reilly are only on Fox because they need to shill their newest book; they have to be there – you don’t. Unplug the tv, get some fresh air.

2. Stop letting the lunatics run the asylum. Remember when ‘conservative’ meant ‘fiscally prudent and laissez-faire regarding social issues’? Yeah, no one else born after 1980 does either. From Ron Regan’s courting of the Religious right, to John McCain’s choice to open the floodgates of insanity in the form of Sarah Palin, intellectuals and moderates no longer run your party – extremists do. And the American public as a whole fear those extremists, and sent a message that they won’t put up with racist homophobe ignoramuses any longer. You need to do the same from within. Which brings us to our next point…

3. Quit the ignorance. From Santorum calling the President a ‘snob’ because he wanted all young adults to get an education, to Tea-party led school boards and districts white-washing textbooks to fit what they wished happened, versus what did, your party is likely to sink under the weight of its own stupidity. Stop being afraid of math, science, and numbers. Find your local librarian and ask her how to research primary resources. Don’t just rattle off what Breitbart or WorldNetDaily or Newsbusters or the Heritage Foundation says – look up the full text behind the sound bite. You’ll find yourself shocked by the results.

4. Tell your leaders that the buck stops here. Are you sick of political ads? Well, good luck, because they’ll be back in 1.5 years for the mid-term elections. Want to stop the rhetoric? Tell your senator, rep, council person, everyone, that you won’t vote for them again till they pass comprehensive campaign reform (this goes for all parties, by the way). Corporations are not people. Super PACs are not good. Politicians aren’t supposed to be run by lobbyists. Get the money out. And those who refuse? Get them out in the next election cycle.

And finally, because this will come up again in our nation…

5. Choose a candidate because you like them, not because you hate the other guy. Who happens to be black. Who, the minute he took the oath, magically became the focus of birthers and prominent ferret headwear collector Donald Trump, a massive movement of the Tea Party who just ‘happened’ to spring up to fight him (even though the things they yell about were things Bush did for eight years without a peep), and a Republican led effort to ensure he’d get nothing done (to quote Mitch McConnell : “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”). I’m not going to paint all of you with a racist brush, but I will say this – they did all of this, and still lost, because Americans got sick and tired of your divisiveness. And this goes for the next candidate, who may be disabled. Or gay. Or a woman.

Republicans, you better evolve. Now. Or spend a lot of Tuesday nights, sullenly staring at the tv, making excuses for your party.

When the election ends, the work begins.

As an expat, one gets used to being the de facto translator for cultural or national matters, on everything from who in the world would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to what people do on Thanksgiving.  But during election season, the questions fly thick and fast.  Trying to explain the electoral college to people who vote ‘first past the post’ reminds me of when my nieces were toddlers, only with much smarter ‘Why?’ questions.  I’ll be watching the results tonight with 2 Brits, and will be no doubt answering more questions along the way, but more along the lines of “Why do people need such gaudy graphics to explain a map?” (for which I will have no answer).  But the largest question I’ve received in the last few days is always along the lines of “Are you glad it’s over?”.  And of course, I am.  But the thing is, it’s not.

See, when you elect someone, you can’t just close your eyes for the next 2-4-6 years, and then open them again in the next voting booth.  You have to watch, carefully, as to what the person does.  You have to muck through the partisan bullshit, and learn how to research primary sources, to see if what you’re being spun is actually the truth.  You have to question, every time, and you have to weigh the good of a candidate against the bad, and see how much of your soul you can sell in the process to vote for them again.  It’s a particularly laborious process, and one I’m actually quite tired of.    This campaign has been one of the worst for lying (or as the Romney campaigner said, “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers”.  Barf).  It’s also been the most expensive in history, with billions raised or infused through anonymous SuperPACs, which has in no way shape or form injected a lick of decency or truth in the national discourse.

So yes, I’m happy it’s almost over.  But no, I’m not happy that the work actually starts now.

US politics, in one tweet.

As many of you know, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the northeast of the US this past week. One of the hardest hit areas after NYC was the state of New Jersey, who saw widespread structural damage. New Jersey’s governor is Chris Christie, a Republican, who has in the hours and days after the strike worked with and praised the Democrat President Obama for swiftly mobilizing and cooperating to halt the secondary destruction (sickness, starvation, etc). Christie, a very vocal Romney supporter, even took to twitter, announcing:

When it comes to getting things done, I don’t care what party someone is in. The responsibility I have is much bigger than politics.

Lovely, right? Bipartisanship gets the job done.

Not quite. Look at the responses to the tweet itself.

They are angry that Christie put the lives of his constituents over his political affiliation.

In their world, it’s better to have a high body count, but still with your cronies, than actually co-operate with someone who’s ideas are different than yours.

And it’s not just a couple of idiots on twitter. Oh, I wish it were! The spiritual leader of the right, Rush Limbaugh called the governor “fat and a fool,” saying Christie “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” (We’ll avoid the obvious pot/kettle reference on the Jabba sized Rush). The Daily Caller assumes that Christie and Romney are no longer buds, and that “So what’s up? Is Christie angry he was passed over for vice president? Has he resigned himself to Romney’s defeat? Or is something else afoot?” (Ominous, something may be afoot! Nothing like a possible conspiracy for the tinfoil crowd to gnaw on). The right is absolutely apoplectic that a Governor would, you know, govern his state through crisis, over play politics and watch people die.

And this is why the US will see civil war in the next 20 years. When you let the inmates run the asylum, when you feed yourself a steady diet of myopic, hubris-stuffed jingoism and pooh-pooh science, fact, reasoning, or even basic humanity, and when you firmly believe that human lives aren’t as important as a photo op for your candidate, something will give.

This election will be an interesting one, no doubt about it. I’m just glad I’m safely here, frankly. I have nightmares where I have to fly my nieces over here to get them away from the ridiculousness, and I wake, so sad and angry. “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice”, I always say. These twitterers, devotees of the larger idiots who spew this garbage from their radio stations and morning news couches, are single-handedly dumbing down our nation to the point that it will collapse in on itself. And honest to God, I just wish they’d get it over and done with already, so I wouldn’t have to watch them teeter on the edge for so long.

For what it’s worth, while I don’t like Christie’s politics, he’s been class act throughout this entire ordeal, and for that I thank him. He put people over politics, and that is never a bad thing. I still wouldn’t vote for him, but I respect him for this.

You’re doing a heckuva job, Christie. Keep up the good work.

#RNCPowergrab 2012

Paging Dr. Frankenstein: Your monster is on the loose.

I’ve always felt a bit bad for the Tea Party.  Sure, they’ve always struck me as the crazy racist uncle who still thinks the south will rise again, but their hearts always seemed to be so in to it.  A sadistic part of me almost appreciates that kind of myopic ignorance.  When Obama got the win in November of 2008, the GOP saw a glimmer of hope in their loss – a whole bunch of angry people were watching a black man was taking the highest office in the land.  And they saw that they could use that.  So, the Tea Party was born to stop all this wasteful spending and get us back to our Constitutional roots and whatever a bald eagle dreams about when he shits fireworks or something.  Never mind that Obama hadn’t even been sworn in, or that the country had failed under eight years of Bush Jr., they were gonna stop ‘Obummer’ from ruining their wonderful country.  And the GOP supported them – they got rallies, and placards, and lots of airtime.  They got candidates in 2010, and were praised by the establishment mouthpieces for their grassroots efforts.  The poor bastards actually thought they were in the big leagues.

Then, 2012 neared, and the Tea Party wanted more of a say in the way they were going to lead the party.  And if there is one thing you don’t tell Romney et al, it’s that the caddy wants to put down the bag and start shooting a few holes.  There was a resolution on a set of rules – 12 and 15 – attempting to change the power structure from the people to the largest donors.  Now, watch what happens when John ‘Man of the People’ Boehner decides to ignore half of the convention floor (most of whom are the die-hard grassroots ‘patriots’).


Do you see the looks on their faces?  The Monster just realized he’s not the unique, wonderful snowflake.  He’s Doctor Frankenstein’s bitch. Not fun when your voice is silenced.  Not fair when your vote doesn’t count. Now you know 1/1000 of how everyone who has been disenfranchised with your bullshit voter ID laws feel like. Now you know 1/10000000 how the marginalized of our society feel like every damn day. Not so nice when you realize you are nothing in the eyes of the people in power, is it.


So they throw a strop. They compare themselves to Holocaust survivors, and rape victims, and Jesus Christ himself. The real test now is if they’ll have the intestinal fortitude to abstain voting for the President knowing it could mean another four years of Obama, or cast their vote for Romney, knowing they were used and then tossed aside when it was convenient.   (And just as an aside to Romney et al:  I don’t know if we just do it differently, but where I’m from, we don’t kick the hooker out of the car before we get finished off – I’m not quite sure why you decided to piss the TPers off before you officially got the nod, and live on tv no less, but rookie mistake.)


The real question is, how will the unofficial queen of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, deal with all this?  If she speaks out for the establishment, she’ll be unveiled for the corporate shill she is.  However, I doubt she lacks the vertebrae to stand up to the RNC in support of the grassroots supporters.  She’s been suspiciously silent on the whole issue – I wonder if she thinks she can wait them out?  These people still carry a grudge from Robert E Lee getting smacked down by Grant, you think they won’t remind you that you haven’t weighed in yet?

Either way, should be a wonderful show in the next few weeks.  Romney will have to do some serious ass kissing to get the delegates back (we’re all looking at you, Maine), and as ass kissing is not really his forte, it will fall to his lackies.  Good luck with that, Chris Christie.









Todd Akin is a lone nut, and other Conservative lies.

One of the largest cries from conservatives about the whole Todd Akin/’Legitimate rape’ fiasco is that ‘we’ (the liberal media, democrats, anyone with eyes and ears) are blowing it all out of proportion.  Akin is a lone nutter, and no one else feels that way about rape, or women, or anything else.  After all, one lone bad apple can’t ruin the whole barrel when it comes to following a party.  After all, it’s not as if they’ve made this horror show of a thought process an official standpoint or anything.  And if the Republican National Convention hadn’t just released their party platform for 2012, they’d probably be correct.  Unfortunately for them, reality is proving far more horrifying than one lone wacko.


Among the newly drafted form are some choice nuggets.  See how many of them affect you or someone you love.

– No abortions, even in cases of rape or incest.  Stay classy, GOP!

– No abortions, even in cases where the life of the mother is in peril.  Hope this is your first kid, or you are about to leave your current children motherless.  Super classy!

– No stem cell research.  Enjoy your Parkinsons!

– No in-vitro fertilization.  If you are sterile, it’s probably just God’s punishment for something you did when you were little.

– No legal recognition of same sex couples.  This also means seeking to repeal already legally joined couples.

– Take women off the front line in combat.  Having women fight for their country in equal capacity was a nasty ‘social experimentation’, and we needs to get them wimmins back in the kitchen!

– Repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in the *bad* way, where they actually make it illegal to serve while being teh gay.

– Audit the Federal Reserve.  Of course Ron Paul.  Of course it doesn’t make any damn sense, because it will take a lifetime and by the time you get to the end of it you’d have to start all over again.  It’s Ron Paul, it’s not supposed to make sense.

– Drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf.  The CONTINENTAL SHELF.  FOR OIL.  Because we know how easy it is when deep drilling rigs explode, to contain them.  I’m sure over a fucking continental shelf in the outer banks will be a piece of piss to clean should anything happen.

– Opening up the western federal lands to drilling, mountain stripping, and logging!  Fuck the EPA, I’m sure these businesses that did so poorly internally managing themselves that they deforested whole swaths of land can be trusted not to do it again!

– Sex Ed?  Abstinence only across the board!  Never you mind that states with Abstinence only programs have higher incidence of teen pregnancy…

– No new taxes except for war (of course!) and national emergencies.  Oh, and *they* decide what a national emergency is, not your stupid flooded town.  Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps.  (Meanwhile, Bobby “Smaller Government” Jindal has just asked for more federal aid for Hurricane Isaac.  No irony there.)

– Opening the door for the mortgage tax deduction to be abolished.  Enjoy your new home while you can still afford it!

– Outright refusing to acknowledge the treaties laid out by the UN.  Apparently the GOP thinks the US is the only country on the planet.  Also refuses to value the UN rights including the treaty on women’s rights, the treaty on the rights of the child, the treaty on persons with disabilities, the arms trade treaty and the Law of the Sea treaty.  Who else thinks the brats and crips have had it too good, for too long?  The GOP!

– Refusing to acknowledge District of Columbia as voting block.  Oh, and wanting to loosen gun laws, so people can start packing.  That won’t end badly.

– Refusing to move legislation that would raise a woman’s wage to that of a man’s (gals, you currently make 77 cents for every dollar a dude makes doing the same job as you.  And the GOP likes it that way).

– Medicare?  Nope.  Limited fund vouchers?  Yup!  Enjoy cat food for dinner, Nana, your safety net is gone.

– And so, so much more that will be dissected in the coming weeks.


And here’s the problem.  You can lie to yourself and say this platform is just a wish list of a small group of extremists within the party, but it’s not.  The platform itself is drawn up by the Republican National Committee, which has been active in that incarnation since 1856.  It has 168 representatives from all 5o states.  It works with outside but aligned interests to create this document which must be ratified by the whole of the floor during the convention.  Not only did nearly 200 people have a hand in creating it, another couple of thousand, the best and brightest of the party, brought there for their die-hard allegiance, will sign off on it.  And the candidates at every level will be brought to task in keeping their policies as closely aligned as possible to this platform for the next four years.

When you vote, you are voting not only for a candidate, but for the political ideology behind them.  This is what you are voting for in November – a party that gleefully acknowledges women should not be paid equal wages, should have to bear their rapist’s children, should not have the right to fight for their country on the front lines; that gays aren’t welcome as families or serving our nation; fucking the education system with vouchers over strengthening the current structure; the list goes on and on.  This is what you are voting for.  Closing your eyes and pretending it’s not the truth does no one any favors – this is what you are pulling the lever for.  Now, if you are on board with all this, by all means, vote for it.  But if you aren’t, if you feel a bit put out by it, wouldn’t it occur to you at some point to question it?

I realize that no party is 100% fit for each voter, and each individual must hold their nose on certain issues for the good of the whole, but there isn’t a nose clip large enough to keep the stink off you should you vote for this.  But some will, because in their mind they have no other choice.  They’ve toed the line so many times, it seems unnatural to actually vote in their own interests versus what a few hundred people wrote up for them.

So when you vote in November, remember:  You are voting for the above.  Not piecemeal.  Everything.  Enjoy the rest of the convention.