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Glenn Beck gets pissy over art

(Article first published as Glenn Beck Submerges Obama Figurine in Fake Urine As Art Stunt on Technorati.) Mom jeans impresario Glenn Beck took time out of his busy schedule of huffing chalk fumes to discuss art yesterday.  Apparently he was terribly upset that over protests, a piece of artwork depicting Obama as a crucified man was pulled from […]

obama in a jar of beer YAWN

sad romney

Why You Lost 2

  Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat, Republicans: You didn’t lose because people didn’t ‘wake up’ in time, or because Black Panthers carjacked all the little white nanas on the way to the polling place. The UN didn’t shut down stations in republican states, and HAARP didn’t make that gust of wind […]

When the election ends, the work begins.

As an expat, one gets used to being the de facto translator for cultural or national matters, on everything from who in the world would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to what people do on Thanksgiving.  But during election season, the questions fly thick and fast.  Trying to explain the electoral college to people […]

US politics, in one tweet. 1

As many of you know, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the northeast of the US this past week. One of the hardest hit areas after NYC was the state of New Jersey, who saw widespread structural damage. New Jersey’s governor is Chris Christie, a Republican, who has in the hours and days after the strike worked […]

Dear Mitt Romney Campaign;

If you want to run on a platform of fearmongering about, among other things, the fact that Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) will kill people (DEATH PANELS YO), you might want to tell your lackeys to stay on point.  When they point out that Romneycare (the blueprint for the ACA) saves lives, you have a […]