Last night I was in studio at the New Broadcasting House in city discussing the shooting death of 12 year old Tamir Rice in Cleveland by a police officer at less than 10 feet of space between them. Tamir’s neighbourhood was next to mine on the west side. He was old enough that I could have passed him as a small child when I lived there just five years ago. Here is our on air discussion regarding it.


A few hours later, the grand jury announced they would not indict police officer Darren Wilson for his shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.


My nation is in pain, a pain that thousands of miles away I feel so deeply. That’s all.

#Flashfiction in London: “Waiting for the fall”

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“I love summer romances. Everything is full of…potential? No. Lack of potential. You know it’s over when the leaves change, there’s no pressure. You meet someone, you fall madly in love, they leave, you never speak to them again. Simple. ”

“But don’t you want something…more?”

“More? I’m the love they think about when they’re stuck in their boring lives. I’m the oasis in their desert of past failed relationships.”

“But you…you end up alone.”

“…Any great love has a cost.”

#Flashfiction in London: “Bench at the edge”

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His wrinkled hand juts into my line of sight from the other end of the bench. The fog this morning is so thick I thought I was alone.

“Love mornings like this. Can’t tell what the day will bring in fog like this, can’t tell where you are in the world, can’t even tell if the man sitting next to you is good or evil, but it makes you want to believe.”

I don’t have the heart to tell him the truth, so I take the candy. He’ll find out soon enough.

#Nanowrimo survival, and Fabyouless Giveaway

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As most of you know I’ve been busting my hump writing 50,000 words from scratch in just 30 days as part of #Nanowrimo, and my hands/fingers are definitely feeling the pressure. It’s one thing to write a 3000 word academic paper every 4 weeks or so, it’s another thing to write 1700 words a day. Every day. For 30 days. My hands were beginning to look like Gollum claws, clutching the Presssssssssssiousssssssssssssssss….

And THIS is why you wear sunscreen, people. Just saying.
And THIS is why you wear sunscreen, people. Just saying.

Luckily, Fabyouless decided to drop by my blog and offer me a free membership to their discount beauty treatment club, so I hopped online and checked it out. The premise is simple – local businesses sign up with the card. You sign up for the card. You go to the Fabyouless website, and type in what treatments you’re looking for, and on what days, and in what area. You find a local matching business, call them up, make sure you mention that you’re a Fabyouless member, and then present your card when you rock up for your appointment. Some businesses do 25% your total treatment bill, some do 2 for 1 deals on treatment, and some offer 10% discounts on retail product purchases.

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Now, a few quick things because I know this comes up all the time, and having worked on the other side of the counter, I don’t want there to be any surprises.

Make sure that you mention Fabyouless when reserving, and present your card to get your discount. Never assume they’ll remember you.

Remember that you can’t combine deals, so no trying to take a cheeky 10% off the clearance section of your local salon.

If you liked the service, spread the word! Support your local businesses!  If your regular salon doesn’t offer Fabyouless discounts, tell them to sign up! Win win!

(And this one is apropos of nothing concerning this review, but please tip your technician based on the retail price, not the discount you got.)fabyouless shea wong



I used the easy tracker tool to find a local salon really close by, and after a quick call to confirm and mention my Fabyouless card, I was soon enjoying the joys of a 15 minute hand soak, massage, and paraffin wax treatment. My fingers thank you, Fabyouless.


Now, for you all to enjoy the fun. I’ll be running a giveaway for your very own Fabyouless card till December 15th – great as a gift, or for you to pamper yourself as a New Year’s resolution to yourself. And as for me, I might make that 15 minute gift to my hads a weekly standing appointment because OH MY GOODNESS YOU GUYS THE HAPPINESS I CAN’T EVEN.

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#Flashfiction in London: “Regina”

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She brushes her hands over the ruined wall. “How long ago was this constructed?”
“Approximately 1000 years ago, ma’am.”
“I see. And the exterior?”
“600 years or so, give or take.”
“And my palace?”
“200 years ago.”
She scans the skyline.
“So in 1000 years, this wall will be dust, and my palace will be in ruins.”
The guide and guards exchange glances.
“No, ma’am, of –“
“It’s all right. Nothing can stand forever. We can’t build up what never leaves. Not even me.”
She smiles, walks on.

Talking Fashion on BBC Radio Wales

Busy Morning.

So I’m contacted by a producer at BBC Radio Wales this morning – Jason Mohammed is doing a lunch segment about the Australian male news reporter who wore the same suit for a year to show how unfair it is that women get stick for their appearance/fashion choices and men don’t. Can I chat for 10 minutes or so about the incident?

I’m not a big ‘fashion’ person. Sure, I like well-made items, and have far too many handbags for one person to reasonably own, but I like fashion in a sort of a historical/sociological way. For instance, I love how the advent and proliferation of the bicycle radically changed late Victorian women’s fashion (as it was impossible to ride a bike in a traditional corset/long skirts combo) or how platform shoes were popularized in the 1600s, to allow women to walk through the human waste strewn streets without damaging their dresses. But if you ask me how to accessorize pearls, or what colours are verboten after an arbitrary date on the calendar, I will say the exact same thing: I don’t care. At all. Do what the hell you want, rock what you like, and who gives a flying fuck what anyone else thinks? However, the segment was fun, and I think we touched on some important topics in an accessible, friendly way, which is always good.

Hopefully you can’t hear the horrific cold I have, and hopefully my points get across – that it’s ridiculous that we have to discuss fashion at all when what a person is saying or doing is infinitely more interesting and important than a piece of cloth. If you follow this BBC link skip to about 1 hour 42 mins in, or hit the SoundCloud below.



In other news, my newest piece for Writers and Artists is here, all about the push into 2nd half of #NaNoWriMo. So, yay!



#Flashfiction in London: “He said, she said”

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He said: “She wants me to write down why I like her. I…I don’t understand the question. I like her because I like her! Why do I have to piece apart what exactly I like from what I sort-of-like from what I don’t like? This feels like a trap. I’m just going to put down that she’s cool, and leave it.”

She said: “If you asked me to name ten things I like about him, I could, because I notice those ten things, and so many more, and I make a note of them, and think about them all the time. Because that’s what you do when you like someone. You notice the little things. And if he doesn’t get that, I don’t know…I don’t know if I can be with him anymore. We’ll have to see what he writes.”

#Flashfiction in London: “The hand that rocks the cradle”

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“I wanted to be a politician when I grew up.” She brushes her hair. “I wanted, as they say…”-  she begins to sing into her brush – “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”

He’s buttoning his shirt. “What happened?”

“I realized I didn’t want respect. I wanted power.”

He flushes. “And that’s why you’re a – “

“An escort. Yes. Now I know the secrets of the most important decision-makers. What could be more powerful than that?”

He pauses.  “I…I never thought of that.”

She laughs. “You boys never do.”

How to transform a space when you’re renting

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One of the challenges for us as landlords who are also tenants (got to love London property ladders!) is finding ways to make our various spaces unique without drastically changing the structural integrity of the living space. Bookcases are in, bookshelves are out. Focal furniture is in, textured walls are out.
1Wall has created a great collection of wall stickers and wallpaper murals to create dramatic results on a small budget, and without needing specialist tools, knowledge, or a degree in engineering to dismantle it when you move. While the husband has his eye on the NYC Times Square mural…
I adored the typography collage wallpaper pieces, that allow you to arrange your panels in any configuration you like.
However, as we were redoing the kid’s room from little-kid nursery to larger-kid bedroom, we thought it only fair to involve him in the decorating process. So he chose a mural of Disney’s Cars.
SONY DSC SONY DSC The kit comes in two pieces (very handy as I did not feel like having to drag an entire roll of cartoon characters to the wall when adhering), and most kits come with a bag of pre-measured wallpaper paste, so there’s no wasted trip to the hardware store. (Don’t worry, there is a button online to order the pre-measured wallpaper paste on the site if yours doesn’t come pre-equipped for some reason. Just check the item’s description for details).
The paper itself is a very nice quality – not so thick that it feels unwieldy when you’re applying paste, but not so thin that you’ll be worried about it disintegrating the second it gets wet. The colours are true to the displays online, and I was impressed by the crispness and detail in such a large panel.
SONY DSC SONY DSCThe instructions are very easy to follow, and there is even a QR code that takes you straight to a video walking you through the process. But what if you’re still terrified by the prospect of wallpaper and paste? Well, each bag of wallpaper paste that comes with your kit is good for up to 4 rolls, meaning you can do a tiny test panel of store bought wall paper before you dive in to the 1Wall artwork.
And if you’re still terrified, don’t worry – there’s no law that says wallpaper murals have to be applied with wallpaper paste. In fact, right now we’re using blu-tac to arrange the Cars mural around the room, as the kid still hasn’t decided exactly where he wants everything located (he’s becoming quite the mini- Martin Brudnizki!).
As you can see from the current location behind his loft bed, the nice thing about these types of murals is how they aren’t sector-specific; if you need to hide a portion behind a piece of furniture, the overall aesthetic still has impact (and the kid loves laying his head so close to his ‘buddies’ at night!). This is a decorating project that works around your needs, and I like that.

Can you see a distinct theme emerging in the kid's design repertoire? Yeah, we see it as well.
Can you see a distinct theme emerging in the kid’s design repertoire? Yeah, we see it as well.

So help me, I will turn this Internet around.