Dropping knowledge…and a deuce.

Today, for the first real time, Alex listened and responded directly to me. He’ll do high-fives, but I already have my hand up, so he could know without me saying that I’m wanting a high five. Even when I say bye bye, I’m already waving, so again, it’s a non-verbal clue. But today I asked, “Alex, where is your nose?”, and he pointed to his nose! WEWT! I know this is really delayed compared to everyone else, but knowing just how fucking horrific our birth was, we really won’t know for quite awhile what if any complications in development may come from that. So while everyone else’s kid seems to be able to pick out colours and do all of the ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ song without help, I cried for joy when he deliberately raised his finger to his nose and tapped it.

On to ridiculousness. My child has a rather uncanny ability to know whenever I have to go to the bathroom. Like, with ninja accuracy. He can be happily sitting on the couch, chilling with Mister Maker or what have you, and I think that I can just sneak one door over and pee in peace, but the NANOSECOND my cheeks hit the porcelain*, I hear the telltale sound of him sliding off the couch and pitter pattering over to me. And the thing is, he doesn’t do this all the time.

Need to run into the bedroom for something? No worries Mama, I’m chilling with my picture books. Go ahead and run into the kitchen for the sippy cup, I’m fine playing with blocks. Oh, you want to spend 15 seconds speed whizzing so fast you’re pretty sure you set a land speed record for urination? AW HELLS NAW. I need to be sitting on your lap RIGHT NOW.

And it’s not with Andrew, either! He’ll knock on the door for Andrew, but he’ll FLIP if I’m in there. It has gotten to the point that even when Andrew is home, I’ll still crack the door as I know in 5 seconds he’s going to be in there with me. Unreal.

But anyways, hussah on the whole pointing to his nose thing. Well done.

*And yes, I know the seat isn’t porcelain. But saying “plastic or wood or that lucite rim with razor blades embedded that you thought looked so badass in the SkyMall catalog but realized was too expensive to return” would take too long.

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