Cosplay for Babies part two!


I simply did not have time this year to go all out for baby’s Halloween costume, but wanted to continue the theme from last year, so without further ado, the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who, or how to cosplay with zero time and energy.


As you can see, we did the 11th Doctor this year. Scrounging the charity shops found us a pair of brown pants for 2 quid, and the shirt was actually a present from his uncle last year that he’s now properly grown into, and the fez we had lying around, as…well, we’re geeks.

Geek tip! Source what you can at home and at thrift stores – don’t stress making stuff from scratch! They’ll grow out of it in three months anyway, don’t kill yourself.

The ‘braces’ (suspenders) are just two meter-long measures of ribbon, tacked onto the top of the shoulders with a baste stitch and crossed in the back and basted on. Total cost for braces? 70 pence!

The most expensive things were the bowtie, sonic screwdriver, psychic paper, and Tardis key, which cost us a whopping £2.99 as they came free with the Doctor Who Adventures #285 magazine!

Geek tip!  You may have a great idea for a costume, but it just isn’t financially feasible.  Don’t worry!  Go with what comes across your plate cheaply, and save up time/energy/money for the more expensive costume later.  I really wanted Alex to be the 4th Doctor this year, but did not have time to make the scarf/buy a big coat/etc.  However, I knew I could make a great 11 without breaking the bank or my sanity, so I went for it!

Although I couldn’t get a smile out of him to save my life, I still think he looks great, and look forward to sourcing the yarn for 4 next year (or maybe two years, the way I knit!).



Happy Halloween, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Cosplay for Babies part two!

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  2. Please excuse me while I explode from cuteness overload… 😀

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