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Fred Rogers and being human.

Cracked, purveyors of videos that lead you down a rabbit hole of ‘Oh yeah, I remember “Are You Afraid of the Dark”!’ moments at 3.30 in the morning, has a really cute compilation video of adorable, make-you-feel-good clips, opening with one of my childhood heroes, Fred Rogers. I am old enough that I watched the 1979 run LIVE as a toddler (do the math), so anything with Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is happiness. Watch, enjoy.


However, because I’ve been around the internet since whoever made this video was probably in grade school, I also always, always think of this when I think of amiable Fred:

fred rogers flipping the bird mr rogers neighborhood










Now, I can choose to do one of two things when I recall this GIF:  I can hate that I’ve seen enough stuff on the internet that has crushed every single one of my heroes growing up (every. damn. one. of. them, some live via early IRC and Usenet), or I can love the fact that the guy who genuinely always seemed to love teaching and learning from kids was human, had an adult sense of humor, but knew when to deploy it. As a foul mouthed (and brained) parent of a toddler, I choose the latter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look up some old clips to show the kid.

Life with a toddler. OF COURSE IN GIFS.

Kid, after MUCH grumbling, is finally down for nap.

Me, preparing lunch for myself, realizes I’d quite like herbs…that are in the garden. Down the hall. Past the kid’s door.


stealth winchester brothers gif














sneaking gif









*Creaky floorboard*


Freeze_ray buffy gif








Me, continuing down the hall, when suddenly…


Kid:  “Mommy…?”




oh-fuck morgan freeman gif nope octopus gif sheldon hyperventilating in bag gif





























*15 minutes later, eating very bland food in silence*



doctor who - im not sulking gif

Life with a toddler, in GIFs 2

Me in the kitchen, making breakfast for the kid. Kid in the living room, with explicit instructions not to touch the buttons on the fan.

Suddenly, sound from living room of fan clicking on.

Me:  “KID.”

Kid:  *comes into kitchen*

Me:  “Did you just touch the fan?”



no gif













bones disapproving look gif











The office  NOOOOOOOOO gif










bones disapproving look gif












guilty loki gif


guilty look gif






















the office yes nod gif sorry kurt glee gif


























shaking_head_breaking_bad gif


SIGNAL BOOST: Card-senders needed for very special little boy.


Danny Nickerson is turning 6 years old in 4 days, and all he wants is a box of birthday cards. Last October, he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and has gone through hell and back. Doctors estimate only a 10% chance of beating this disease past 18 months. Danny has had to stop going to kindergarten due to all the radiation treatments, so is quite isolated, but can recognize his name, and loves getting cards.

Here’s where you all come in – this little boy just wants a card for his birthday (he likes Legos and Super Mario, but I bet he’d love any card you have around), and I know a lot of people are heading into the summer break and need something to do with the kids. Well, here is something amazing. Fountain Pen Geeks has all the details HERE, where you can read much more about Danny from the various news programs, and send a card out. It will take maybe 10 minutes of your life, but mean the world to him.


Rain and #Microstories

It’s 4 am. No sleep is occurring tonight. The world wants to rain, to just let go, but for whatever reason it won’t, so the neighbourhood is up. I can hear voices in back gardens, all wondering why the hell they’re up in the middle of the night, all smiling and cursing a storm that won’t seem to arrive. The kid can’t get comfy, he’s been up since 2.30. He’s got winter in his veins, like his mum, we can’t handle the heat – we don’t understand it on a molecular level.

My next paper is due in 11 days, might as well start that. Joy of doing MBA with kid, the time that used to be spent up all night doing feeds, or dealing with a sick baby, or in hospital, now goes to books. And that’s…good? I suppose?

The storm is about 10 miles away, going by the old count-the-seconds-between-the-light-and-the-noise trick. The air is getting cooler. We may get relief before dawn.

I keep thinking about what happens…next. After school. The kid will almost be old enough to start reception. I’ll be looking for a job.

Finally, here comes the rain! Soft, but thunder in the background…I hope the storm doesn’t move too quickly, we need the relief from the heat before we need another light show.

In all the hubub with mid-terms, here’s last weeks’ crop of #microstories.

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