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SONY DSCI’m an American expat living in London. I write, and knit, and garden. I’m a wife, mother, MBA student, and activist. I make a mean Portal birthday cake. I don’t spend a huge amount of time on facebook and twitter, so when I find something cool, I just slap it on here. Enjoy.


Mental health awareness/stigma: I’ve been a guest on Radio 4′s Today show as well as Sky News at 5, and been in national campaigns for UK and US-based charities (I’ve even been a cartoon!). In addition, I’ve written and spoken about mental health issues for ITN, Channel 4,  BBC 5 Live, Time To Change, Huffington Post, One in Four, That’s Life, and Take a Break magazines. I’ve also served as a media and television consultant for plot-lines concerning bipolar and mental health.

Social Media/Internet/Technology/Politics/Motherhood/Addendum: I’ve been featured in the Consumerist, as well as written for Squidoo’s Upmarket, Squidoo’s Happy Halloween and Crafty magazines, GeekFamily 2.1, and Technorati.

Ghostwriting – Obviously, I can’t name any, but I have done/do pieces from 200 word blog posts to 30K word “how-to” books, for the last five years. I’m quick, efficient, with a low return rate on editing, and most of all, I actually believe in the concept of ‘non-disclosure clause’.


When feminists like me tearing down the patriarchy or railing against cultural sexism, I’m “the most hilarious yet totally correct person ever“.  When they don’t like me calling out inherent hypocrisy in feminism, I’m merely a “mommy blogger“.  You figure it out.



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