An open letter to the entitled jackass who gives business cards of misplaced snark in lieu of tip.

You may have seen this making the rounds, originally seen on Early Onset of Night.  It was left in lieu of a tip at a restaurant.  Enjoy.



Proposition 30 was a California bill that just became law, affecting people who make over $250,000 a year.


$250,000.  Remember that.


So in response, some 2 year old who has never been disciplined eater decided to teach a lesson to his or her server by leaving this as a tip.

Let this therefore serve as an open letter to that asshole, and anyone like him.


Dear Asshole;

There seems to be some confusion on your part concerning Prop 30 and your server.  I hope this letter serves by way of explanation.

Your server did not craft Prop 30.  That would be a duly elected official.  You can tell the difference, because your server doesn’t even make minimum wage, and a duly elected official makes more than that taking a dump in their office’s bathroom.  If you have a problem with the law, talk to your rep.

I’m not sure if anyone explained the way wages work, but your server doesn’t make minimum wage, they make below that, and have to supplement their income with tips.  If you feel that it is unfair that you have to subsidize the restaurant from paying a fair wage, might I remind you that when they don’t make minimum wage, they generally have to rely on state and federal benefits (welfare), which means I as a tax payer now have to subsidize your douchebitchery.

If you don’t have the money to pay a person for service rendered because you, making 250K a year are just soooo beleaguered, then you don’t have the money to go out.  Stay home and make dinner, you skint fuck.

If you have money to print cards, you have money for tips.

At some point, someone, somewhere should have taught you to be a decent person.  If you paid by credit card, and someone manages to get ahold of your name, let me assure you, the Internet will do the job your parents/nanny/tutor should have done.  And they will not be nearly as kind.  Enjoy.

And to respond to your inevitable question that every entitled asshole asks when a serviceperson gets fucked over:  Why don’t they just pick a better job?  Well, for many people in the US, they are living paycheck to paycheck.  They can’t save enough to pay for the first semester of college, or for a place to stay.  They have other issues (family, work timing) that means a ‘menial’ job is all they can get.  The economy is so bad that PhDs are applying for McDonald’s job, you keep the job you have even if you hate it, and the assholes you have to serve.

But that’s not the crux of your question, is it?

What you are really saying is, if I wanted out badly enough, I could do it.  And you’re right, I could.  When I was a bartender, making shit wage with shit tips that I had to split every night with the service well, showtender (fuck I hate showtenders), and barback, I could have pocketed tips instead of putting them in the kitty.  I could have ‘forgotten’ to pay my rent one month, saved up enough, and then skipped out on my lease and moved.  I could pretend to love someone just to move in with them and save on rent and utilities.  I could, if I was an awful person.

Because that is what you are saying:  I could get ahead, if I was an awful person like you.

But I refuse to be an awful person like you.

And I know, that means I will probably never make enough to be ‘hit’ by Prop 30, or one of it’s contemporaries.

I’m okay with that.

I would rather go out and tip my server than make cards showing how much better I am than them.

I’d rather empathize with the fact that they are doing the best they can with their circumstances, then be a fuckwad to them.

And if I’m a bit skint that week, I keep my ass home and make dinner over going out and intentionally punishing a stranger for simply having a job I feel is worth punishing.

And that is because, at the end of the day, I’m a decent person.  And you, for all your money, aren’t.  And that’s not indicative of the fact that you have money.   You just happen to be an awful person with enough resources to show, in black and white on cardstock, just how awful you are.

I hope the Internet teaches you a lesson – it’s not nice to shit on people who have done nothing wrong.  In the meantime, we’ll always have Tumblr.




Shea Wong


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