How I’d spend 20K – in gifs

BritMums and The National Lottery challenged me to spend 20K.  This is not a problem.  But to spend it in GIFs?  Now we’re talking!

If you found out you won 20K, your first reaction would probably be something like this:












But then you’d need to buckle down and figure out how to spend it.








And yes, I love my friends









but for this fantasy, they aren’t directly getting a dime.

need money








Mean?  Yeah.









So, how would I spend 20K?  Well, first and foremost, I’d make sure the rest of my MBA is paid off.



(While this may not look like it would have to do with school, it is from my favorite show on tv, Community, about a community college, and you should watch it.  Like now.)

The MBA is going to cost me another 10 grand or so, so I’ve got 10 large to play with.  What’s next?  Well, I’d have to hook my husband up with a week long retreat where he could do nothing but  play video games and eat pizza.





(The first gif of this set is from Portal, one of the most amazeballs games ever.  So fun).

That takes care of a grand or so, we’re down to 9K.

Our son is due to have 2 surgeries or a double surgery before he turns 3 years of age, so THAT sucks, but I have full faith in the staff at St Thomas here in London, so instead of freaking out, we’ll do a big party for him and his nursery/NCT group.



No, it’s not a Despicable Me themed party.  It’s just how I tend to view all toddlers.  With enough running around, we should turn them into this:









Let’s say that takes us to seven grand.  Well, as this is ridiculous cash, I think I’d like a bit of a makeover –



– uncool, Doctor.  I like red hair!  And then I’d probably spend at least a grand on new clothes and shoes.

That takes us to 6 grand.  Now, to get in shape.  Here’s the thing…














But I loooove to party.  When I hear a beat



I’m like









and then I’m like









and THEN I’m like









So I would spend 5 grand and create every-week-free-parties for the community, where we can dance our butts off (literally and figuratively).  And yeah, I may never get buff like this









but at least I wouldn’t do this when I lean back in my chair.



Finally, with my last grand or so, I’d go all out on a Michelin starred dining experience.  I’m one of those foodies who can remember a perfect meal from over 10 years ago, so to eat the food of a top chef like Heston Blumenthal

swedish chef








(the above is not Heston, please don’t sue me)

and enjoy a lavish, 6 course meal with 100 year old wine and such…





Now, I know this is a bit wasteful, and if I did in fact have 20K anything left over from my school would immediately go in the bank, but



Life is not always about being strict, and stringent.  It’s about having fun.  It’s about wondering what if.  And it’s about letting loose every once in awhile.  It’s about living.  
































Okay, okay, sorry.


6 thoughts on “How I’d spend 20K – in gifs

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  2. I just want to say: I LOVE Portal. And that puppy of course. Seriously though, that puppy. You make me want to master the GIF art too x

    • Shea

      Portal is for real one of those games that I will buy for people when they say they haven’t played it yet, THAT is how obsessed I am with it. Although my husband and I nearly divorced playing Portal 2 co-op mode. 😉 (And love the piece you did on the responsible, sustainable housing that doesn’t eat the Green Belt!)

  3. You have really thought about this one! Got quite distracted by the puppy at the end. Lovely ideas. Commenting for myself and BritMums and thanking you for taking part.
    Kate on Thin Ice recently posted…How do you support your husband through redundancy?My Profile

    • Shea

      Oh, the puppy does make everything all better, doesn’t it? And cheers, have a great day!

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